Minecraft: Pocket Edition

NON-INCENT Yahoo Newsroom iOS US


Conversion Flow: Install & Open

CR must be less than 2%

Click to Install Time must be > 30 seconds

1. KPI – No Rebrokering. *** Creative ID is required on this campaign - please contact your PM for details. *** If 15% or more of leads from any given source have 30 seconds or under CTIT, the entire sources leads will be reversed. *** KPIs and FRAUD issues will be relayed to you in form of excel files. No Screenshots will be provided. 2. No payment for installs below an average click to install conversion rate of 0.05% (CR)#No ClickSpamming Click Injection, VPN, SPIDER, or any other fraudulent activities, No Rebrokering 3. Own Creatives need Approval 4. User clicks on banner and is redirected to Google Play or the App Store. 5. User successfully download and installs the application. 6. User opens the application for the first time. 7. No Bot, No Adult traffic, No Brand bidding, No misleading ads, No Fraudulent Traffic, No Duplicate installs, No Incentivized. Only Quality Traffic Allowed!!! CR less than 2%. Any traffic from outside the specified geos, will not be paid.